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2016 Renault Kwid review, interior, price

2016-Renault-KWID price

Renault has just prepared the latest low-cost car. New Kwid is based on a new CMF-A platform, which was developed in collaboration with Nissan. In the last few days authorities from company Renault announced a new Kwid will be sold exclusively under the brand Renault. In fact, there were rumors that in Europe it will appears under the name of Dacia Kwid.

2016 Fiat Freemont review, redesign

2016 Fiat-Freemont redesigned

The new Fiat Freemont will be extremely elegant and stylish crossover vehicle. Previous versions of Freemont appeared for the first time on Frankfurt Motor Show 2007. The main designer of this amazing vehicle was Ryan Nagode. This vehicle was always graced with reduced lines and simplicity. In the market of mid-size CUV was singled out because of its Italian charm. According to all the rumors, the new model will retain all the good features of the previous model.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT review, engine, price

2016-mercedes-amg-gt relese date

As announced, new restyled Mercedes AMG GT will soon appear. It first appeared in 2014 and is the second sports car designed under the brand Mercedes AMG. Otherwise, AMG is a special part of the Mercedes in which employees are top engineers responsible for the development of high-performance cars. Otherwise, AMG was a company acquired in 1999 by Mercedes , and before that was independently developed from 1967. Models of this division have a lot more aggressive lines and have a much greater use of modern materials from the other cars.

2016 Maserati Levante Review, Specs, Spy Photo

2016-Maserati-Levante price

It seems that the rumors turned out to be true. A concept that was first time presented back in 2011 in Frankfurt Motor Show is going to hit the roads soon. Maserati presented the concept named Kubang and sometime after they confirmed that this concept will be produced in the upcoming years. Well the time has come for rumors to come true and for 2016 Maserati Levante to hit the streets. This car will be a first ever SUV/Crossover that will be produced by Maserati. This car was reportedly a big project that is supposed to help this company to increase their total sales to over 50,000 cars every year.

2016 Dodge Barracuda review, exterior, price

2015-Dodge-Barracuda review

For all fans of fast sport cars, Barracuda was one of the best cars of all time. At that time, Dodge Barracuda was the main opponent of another legendary car: Ford Mustang. In those years, and it is the beginning of the 1970s cars had very different priorities than today. First of all, constructors do not takes too much care of fuel consumption, as well as on environmental protection.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R Review, Engine, Colors

2016 Ford-Mustang_Shelby_GT350R release date

We all know how the original Ford Shelby Mustang was a powerful car. Mustang Shelby appeared for the first time 50 years ago, in 1965. It was improved the popular Ford Mustang model which was made by Shelby. Another name for the former variant of the GT 350 was the “Cobras”. These models have achieved great success. Ford Mustang has evolved through five generations. Each generation has had many new features. In 2007, Ford returned to the old name Shelby.

2016 Land Rover Defender Review, Design, Price


Another awaited release from Land Rover is said to be coming soon. Even though there is not a lot of info about this car and there are a lot of rumors about it, we were able to pull some most probable things this car will feature. This car will be powerful and strong, that is for sure. Nothing less is expected from a car coming from Land Rover. It will feature muscular and tough design and it will off course be boxy same like the previous versions of this car. This car will look like SUV and it will come with powerful but at the same time sleek and elegant look.

2016 Mercedes GLC Design, Review, Price


This German car producer declared year ago that they would make a switch and change some of their model’s names so that they make more sense and that they become easier to pronounce. One of the cars that got its name changed is this 2016 Mercedes GLC which was previously known as the GLK model. This mid-size SUV got serious redesign and it is now ready to hit the roads and become significant car on this market.

2016 SsangYong Tivoli engine, price, review

2016 SsangYong-Tivoli  review

It is a fact that the crossover market is growing every year and that the competition on this market is very big. There are a lot of new models introduced every year and car producers have to fight for their buyers very hard. Besides all well-known brands there is a new brand joining this competition. It is SsangYong with its 2016 SsangYong Tivoli model. This car is made by South Korean company that wants a piece of the market share and they have put up a lot of effort to make a car that will do well on the market. This car got its name by an Italian town and this name is easy to remember.

2016 Chevrolet K5 Blazer specs, colors, price

2016-Chevy-Blazer-K-5 review

According to information appearing on the Internet, we are expecting good news soon . The company GM is preparing a new Chevrolet K5 Blazer. This full-size SUV was produced for 22 years. From 1969 until 1991. During this time they produced a total of two versions – 1972 is done a complete redesign. Drive of this car was RWD and AWD existed as option. Basic characteristics, in addition to excellent feature was a big wheelbase and wonderful off-road design.