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2017 Suzuki IM-4 Concept Review, Engine, release Date

2017 Suzuki-iM-4-concept release date

Suzuki has always been known for making excellent motorcycles and small cars. This company has a history of over 80 years of making small, fast and very agile car. 5 years ago, the WV corporation entered into the ownership of Suzuki. From that moment at the management of Suzuki had increasingly began to observe the SUV vehicle that is on the rise. These plans resulted in the launch of IM-4 concept car. This mini-SUV should improve the position of the company Suzuki in the segment sub-4 meter SUV, which is not so competitive.

2016 McLaren 650s Review, Specs, Engine

2016 mclaren_650s design

The emergence of the new 650s is only a matter of time. McLaren has always been known for its excellent roadster and sports cars. The British manufacturer has announced another model 650S at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. This fantastic supercar was designed by Frank Stephenson. Development of the new car is very expensive, so the new McLaren model will be based on the current MP4-12C.

2016 Buick Encore Design, Review, Release Date

2016 Buick-Enclave design

By offering its luxury equipment, safety and efficacy, small crossover Encore from American automakers Buick continues to attract new customers. Line model Buick Encore will be 2016 further enriched with a new model Encore Sport Touring, which will get a brand new exclusive drive turbo engine.

2017 Ford Explorer Sport release date, review, price


US auto giant Ford, a leader in the production of cars in the United States, twenty years ago introduced the world market model midsize SUV called the Ford Explorer and since its presentation was the choice of many customers. Since its introduction has undergone only minor changes in their appearance and characteristics. 2017 Ford Explorer Sport is a brand new innovative vehicle, which will be as before, because of its reliability, spaciousness and quality, the choice of a large number of families with more members.

2016 Lexus RCF review, exterior, design

2016-Lexus-RC-F release date

As we found out, Toyota RCF will soon appear on the world market in facelift version. Lexus with RC mark first appeared in 2015, and was first introduced in 2014. Model RC is a coupe version of the IS model. The main characteristic of this vehicle is an extremely powerful engine and have, as every coupe – two doors. RCF is a RC model with the best performance. Lexus is a part of the Toyota company, which was destined for luxury cars, so this model will be one of the best in its segment.

2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross review, specs, price

2016 Suzuki-SX4-S-Cross design

The company Suzuki for years recorded excellent sales of its SX4 models, and at the end of 2013 with a global market a new model SX4 S-Cross, with the aim of expanding the model range. His appearance company has set itself a headache competing models such as the Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage, vehicles from the same segment of the car market. At first glance it was obvious that the SX4 S-Cross new member of the Suzuki family of vehicles, which is by its size, extensive equipment and higher price significantly different from the Suzuki SX4, which is parallel to continue coming up with the production line of Japanese carmakers. The company Suzuki is preparing to 2016 years show the world market its new model car SX4 S-Cross, who will somehow continue to bear the name of the flagship model.

2016 Ford Bronco Raptor review, specs, price


There were a lot of talks about this car, and it all started as an April fool’s joke that escalated quickly and people soon started talking more and more about this car. However, it might just turn out that it was not a joke and that this car will actually see the day light. Ford will probably release this car as an updated version of the previous one. It has been almost 20 years since the discontinuation of this car and now they are bringing it back. The 2016 Bronco is supposed to bring an end to Ford Raptor series that will from now on be called Ford Bronco.