2016 Chevrolet Niva Review, Mpg, Release Date

New release is ready to hit the roads, and we can tell you that it will be a good one. This 2016 Chevrolet Niva is definitely a car worth looking into. It is produced in joint collaboration between General Motors and Avtovaz which are biggest USA and Russian car manufacturers. This 2016 Niva will be a mini SUV and it is based on the Lada Niva which is a car that Avtovaz is successfully producing since 1977 and which has great performance and characteristics and which is loved by many.

This model of Chevrolet Niva will be a 17th generation of this car which is supposed to bring new characteristics to satisfy the needs of the market. The car will be tougher and even more durable than before, and it will bring new features on the safety and design side as well. This car was seen in Moscow Autos Show when Chevrolet previewed it, and we could see there that this car was ready for production so we can expect it real soon. And even though this car has excellent characteristics, it seems that for now we won’t be able to see it on US market.

2016-chevrolet-niva review

2016 Chevrolet Niva Engine

When it comes to the powertrain, there is not too much info about this car but what we were able to dig up is pretty much what all the rumors and info say – this car’s powertrain will consist out of only one engine, but it will be a tough one. The engine that will find its way under the hood of this car should be a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine that will be able to produce 135 horsepower. This engine is stronger than the previous 1.7 liter engine and it should bring more power and durability on tough roads. Engine will be paired with 5 speed manual shifter and it will come as a four wheel drive.

2016 Chevrolet-Niva release date

2016 Chevrolet Niva exterior

Outside of this car clearly shows what this car is all about. When you have a look on this car you can see it was built for off-road terrains since it has a lot of off-road equipment. With BF Goodrich tires, tow hook, winch, high clearance, a snorkel etc. we can see this car is not just an ordinary SUV. But we said it is built for Russian market, and we know winters can be pretty rough out there so the car has to be tough itself. Black paint, nice lights and big roof rack complete this car’s exterior which looks aggressive. Interior part of this car is not yet shown so we can’t tell you more about that, but we are sure it will be just as modern and impressive as its exterior.

2016 Chevrolet-Niva interior

2016 Chevrolet Niva gas mileage

AvtoVAZ has never been known for its low fuel consumption. The old Lada Niva, which appeared in 1977 was very reliable, but also a large consumer of fuel. According to some reports, consumption of this mini-SUV will be around 23 mpg. it is not a bad result in 2015.

2016 Chevrolet-Niva price

2016 Chevrolet Niva Release date and Price

This car will probably hit the roads in December 2015 when it is expected that its mass production will start. For first year, it is expected that around 60,000 units will be produced and the price for this car will be set at around $20,000.

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