2016 Dodge Barracuda review, exterior, price

For all fans of fast sport cars, Barracuda was one of the best cars of all time. At that time, Dodge Barracuda was the main opponent of another legendary car: Ford Mustang. In those years, and it is the beginning of the 1970s cars had very different priorities than today. First of all, constructors do not takes too much care of fuel consumption, as well as on environmental protection. It needed only raw power and mean look of the car. Older generations remember this car still with fondness, because it was a time when foreign cars could not be seen on American roads.

2015-Dodge-Barracuda review

2016 Dodge Barracuda review and engine

According to announcements, the new 2016 Dodge Barracuda will have excellent specifications. New Cuda will be a lot lighter than the previous model (300 pounds). For this is a responsible use of new, lighter materials, which 40 years ago did not exist. As new Cuda will be the SRT car (short for street and racing technology), it is expected a strong engine. The engineers did not spare the engine capacity: it will be amount to 6.4 liters. The power of this engine will be a 640hp. So, it will really appear as the race car. Fuel consumption has not yet appeared in the rumors, although we have no doubt that this model will not be frugal. Drive new Cuda will be rear drive, and the transmission will be 7-speed automatic dual-clutch.

2016-Dodge-Barracuda colors

2016 Dodge Cuda exterior

The external appearance of the vehicle will certainly suffer the meaning changes. When designers re-design a model after a long time, you should not expect too much similarity. In other words, this model should not be compared with Plymuth Barracuda which exists 40 years ago, because the design of a cars had lot of progress since then. However, the characteristic front of the car will continue to have sharp lines, with modified bumper. Front and rear lights will be produced using LED technology. They will still remain the old muscular appearance. The rear of the car will adorn the 2 muffler.

2016-dodge-barracuda redesign

2016 Dodge Cuda interior

The interior will be comfortable for the driver and passengers. Above all, it should be noted that a central console will have a touchscreen of 8.4 inches. Thanks to it, the interior is free of clutter of buttons, so that the cockpit will be a lot easier for driving. It is understood that new Cuda will have navigation, radio, and high-quality audio system. There is still no information about the security functionalities. We do not know whether it will have a new Wonder Lane Departure Alert and Intelligent High-Beam Control. Also we do not know whether it will be available again in famous Plum Crazy Purple color.

2016-Dodge-Barracuda release date

2016 Dodge Cuda price and release date

The price of the new model will be between 50000 and 53000 dollars. If in the meantime company does not withdraw new Cuda from production (there are such indications) new model will appear in early 2016.  Some other internet sources say that this vehicle will not never appear. Much like other legendary vehicle: Chevrolet Chevelle SS.

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