2016 Dodge Rampage exterior, specs, mpg

As announced, the Dodge Rampage will soon appear. However, thirty years ago the Dodge Rampage was pretty popular. It first appeared in 1982. It was produced for 2 years and then remained in good memory of those who drove it. In the eighties Rampage was known as a great 2 door pickup vehicle. Under the Rampage name there were no vehicles for a long time. At Chicago Motor Show 2006 was presented new Dodge Rampage Concept. Finally, it seems that Dodge will soon present the latest version of the Dodge Rampage Concept, but this time as a full-size truck.

2016-Dodge-Rampage reviwer

2016 Dodge Rampage exterior

Dimensions of the new Rampage will be significantly higher. Management of company wants to attract a new vehicle buyers who are not traditionally connected with a truck segment vehicles. The appearance of this truck will be significant muscular and aggressive. Headlights will be redesigned and made in LED technology. The introduction of this technology will significantly increase the life of the battery and reduce power consumption. Front grill will have a crossbar design. Rampage will be available in several colors. For now, it is known that Dodge Rampage will occur in the following colors: white, gray, bright silver, richelieu blue, bronze and black. To the customers will be offered aloy 22 inches wheels. As announced, the new car will have many new safety features.

2016-Dodge-Rampage specs and mpg

2016 Dodge Rampage interior

The interior will be superbly done. Seats will be with high-quality leather upholstery. In the 2 rows will be deployed 4 seats. Passengers will have enough space for legs and knees, so driving will be for them a real pleasure. Car space will be bigger than ever before. The steering wheel will be made in two colors and relatively small for such a big vehicle. Dashboard will be placed in the middle and extremely ergonomic. It is expected that Rampage will get improved infotainment system as well as excellent audio system. It is also very important feature the possibility to fold the seats. In this way it will be possible to transfer long things for a longer distance. Among other functionalities, should boast Bluetooth connectivity, multi-zone climate control, GPS navigation.

2016-Dodge-Rampage interior

2016 Dodge Rampage engine

What is certain is the new engine. 2016 Dodge Rampage will have the latest 5.7 liter V8 engine. With the Hemi engine will be paired automatically 5-speed transmission. Drive of this new model will be FWD. Engine will deliver a power of 345 hp. Fuel consuption will be around 18 mpg. According to announcements, the new Rampage will be available in a hybrid variant. Later will probably be offered Rampage with a diesel engine.


2016 Dodge Rampage release date and price

Price of Dodge Rampage will be between 35000 and 40000 dollars. Dodge Rampage should appear at the beginning of 2016.

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