2016 Fiat Freemont review, redesign

The new Fiat Freemont will be extremely elegant and stylish crossover vehicle. Previous versions of Freemont appeared for the first time on Frankfurt Motor Show 2007. The main designer of this amazing vehicle was Ryan Nagode. This vehicle was always graced with reduced lines and simplicity. In the market of mid-size CUV was singled out because of its Italian charm. According to all the rumors, the new model will retain all the good features of the previous model. As a manufacturer is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, for the markets of USA and Canada, this model was called differently. Its name on this markets is Dodge Journey.

2016 Fiat-Freemont review

2016 Fiat Freemont exterior and dimensions

The external appearance of the new Freemont will not be much different from previous models. There are completely changed front and rear bumpers. It is notable variety of chrome highlights on the bumpers. They also changed frames of fog lights and front grill which is black. The front of the vehicles will have LED lights, which will, with gloss black grill and redesigned bumpers give a sporty look. Dimensions of Fiat Freemont are: length 193.3 inches, width of 73.62 inches and 66.53 inches tall. Wheelbase is quite large and amounts 113.77 inches. With these dimensions, engineers have tried to use modern and lightweight materials. In this way, they have improved fuel economy and vehicle performance. The new vehicle will have a lower center of gravity. For this reason, the car will have much more stable driving.

2016 Fiat-Freemont release date

2016 Fiat Freemont interior

First Freemont had models with 5 seats and models with 5 + 2 seats. So it will be the same case with the new model. The interior of the new Freemont will be extremely luxurious. In addition to the extremely comfortable seats with premium upholstery, should be commended climate. Since this is a large vehicle, the climate will have a modern control system that will include 3-zone. The steering wheel will have a built-in heater, which will especially be useful, for customers who live in colder areas where the winters are long and harsh. The central part of the table will occupy a large LCD. Among a multitude of functions such as navigation and climate control, on this screen you will be able to track the state of the fuel. According to some information, the middle row in this car will not have much room for passengers. This row is not recommended for people who are more than 5.9 feet tall. Among other features, should be commended cruize control, reverse view camera , parking sensors, push start button and entry without keys. Special attention was paid to safety. In The car are deployed 6 airbags on the most important places.

2016 Fiat-Freemont-interior

2016 Fiat Freemont engine and mpg

Fiat Freemont will be, of course be equipped with high quality engine. It is a 2.4-liter Pentastar V6 engine. Output power of the engine will be a 125hp and 220 lb.-ft. of torque. Engine will be coupled with automatic 6-speed transmission. Drive of the base model will be FWD, with the possibility of ordering a model with AWD. Fuel consumption of this model will be quite decent 27 mpg.

2016 Fiat-Freemont redesigned

2016 Fiat Freemont release date and price

The new Fiat Freemont will appear on the market in late 2016. Fiat recently achieved great successes in all segments of the car(500L, 500x), so it is expected that with the new Freemont achieved great success too. The price of the new model will be around 36500 dollars.

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