2016 Ford Mondeo Vignale specs, engine, release date

It is our great pleasure to inform you that Ford Focus Vignale 2016 will soon appear. As is known, the development of this model lasted a full two and a half years. Of course, sometimes the cars are developed and after 4 years, however, at the present time is much shorter. This model is a little further out and the move of production from the factory in Belgium in a new factory in Spain. Thus, the fourth-generation Mondeo appeared in the USA even 2 years ago, but just now in Europe. During this time, the competition has issued new models as the VW Passat and Skoda Superb.

2016-ford-mondeo-vignale specs

2016 Ford Mondeo Vignale exterior

Although this car is pretty massive, but with yet elegant appearance, with gently sloping roof line. The front part has a large front grille, a very similar with Aston Martin cars. There is a striking Vignale unique hexagonal design with matte metallic details. On the back side is noticeable double exhaust manifold, and an LED light. So, do not differ in external appearance too much from the previous model. Tell the truth, the dimensions are larger than before. Thus, the length is 191.77 inches. There are also special Vignale wheels from 18 and 19 inches, made of special alloys.

2016-ford-mondeo-vignale releas date

2016 Ford Mondeo Vignale interior

However, when you move on to the interior, things are different. Firstly, we have to commend the large LCD touch screen of 8 inches. On the center console there are not many commands, unlike the steering wheel, which is filled with a variety of buttons. The instrument panel is the size of 10 inches and it resemble analog, although it is digital. The new Mondeo also has Sync2 system that recognizes voice commands, so you can specify the target times to navigate very easily. Also, you can adjust in the same way and air conditioning. What is particularly important to emphasize is the lane departure system, as well as autoadaptive speed control system that maintains the distance in relation to the car in front. It should be particularly proud of Ford’s Active Noise Cancellation, that this model has. We must commend the pedestrian detection, which of course only works at low speeds.

2016-ford-mondeo-vignale-interior review

2016 Ford Mondeo Vignale engine

This car boasts an array of engine. What distinguishes is the TDI engines of 2.0 liters. The power of this engine is 180 hp. The offer will be based on petrol engines with EcoBoost technology. It is the engine of 2.0 liter with 240 hp. The offer will appear and hybrid powertrain with an output of 187 hp. It is anticipated that a hybrid version will have a fuel consumption of 62 mpg. Top speed Mondeo is limited to 130 mph. The drive base model will be FWD, but will be offered with AWD. Said engine will be equipped with a 6 speed manual or automatic transmission.

2016-Ford-Mondeo-Vignale price

2016 Ford Mondeo Vignale price and release date

This model Focus Vignale will appear on sale in late 2015. The price will probably be around 30,000 euros in Europe, or about 43,000 dollars in the USA.

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