2016 Hummer HX Hybrid Review, Engine, Release Date

2016 Hummer HX hybrid will come in slantback variant with four doors like Humwee with mate oliver color which are used for US Army. Slantback configuration will have removable doors with hinge pin which will be visible and equipped with removable composite fender flares. Black olive color will be extensively coated on metal sheets which will be applied outside. This Hummer won’t have common parts of drive train with HMMWV brethren like other predecessor.

2016-hummer-Hx review

2016 Hummer HX hybrid engine

Hummer HX Hybrid 2016 will have two types of engines: 3.6 liter direct injection V6 CTS Engine and V6 FlexFuel E85 SIDI. Idea of this concept is that Hummer can run on bio fuel E85 H2. That will worsen fuel efficiency for 30%. Transmission will be six speeds automatic. This transmission for Hummer means lowing speed crawl ability and yielding exceptional traction. Drive will be on full time four wheel drive.

Passengers will feel like they drive in common SUV cars in this Hummer. Features will be much more radical than in usual Jeeps are, but they will share similar cut and grille. Hummer HX could ford 30 inches in water and climb 22 inches step. Hummer also could approach large angles in departure of 72/37.5 degrees. All off that is because of its 35 inches tires on bead-locked custom trims. It will also have central inflation of tires, which will increase and decrease the air pressure. It will help in solving higher pressure for off- road drives.

2016-hummer-Hx release date

2016 Hummer HX hybrid interior

Special features will be interior and portal brake gears, half of transmission for higher investment and ground clearance. Air intake will be high mountain. Tires will be with magnesium-alloy with rubber inserts for emergency running properties. Military version will have coating chemical resistance. Interior also will have HX console without conventional radio, single connector for digital audio players and compartment for mp3 and mobile phones. Hummer also will have LCD screens with different items. Interior will also be rubberized with ballistic nylon materials.

2016-hummer-Hx interior

2016 Hummer HX hybrid exterior, dimensions

Hummer HX hybrid will have same width as Hummer H3. For the young buyers priority will be variant with two-door coupe so called “lobster”. It will have body-on frame with independent front and rear suspension and 4 wheel brakes. Suspensions will have front stabilizer which will be electronically disconnected for possible vulnerabilities of off-roads. Rear will be CNC-machined with arm setup.

2016 Hummer will be 81 inch wide with 103 inches wheelbase. Its look will reminds of Jeep Hurricane concept of 2005. Wheelbase for this Hummer is open-air with door less. Look of this Hummer body will be pretty much away from first military Hummer.

2016 Hummer HX hybrid Ratings

Fun to drive:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Performance:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Comfort:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Price:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Average:4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

2016-hummer-Hx price

2016 Hummer HX hybrid release date, price

It is still unknown when it will officially appear 2016 Hummer HX. However, according to some rumors, it should happen in mid-2016. If this Hummer will be more for civil drive, there is thinking that price won’t be much higher than its predecessors.

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