2016 Hyundai i20 Active Review, Release Date

Hyundai has invested additional efforts in order to perform redesign of the highly successful low-cost model Hyundai i20 active. Car companies pays great attention to the production and constant improvement of the small car intended to growing traffic jams that can comfortably carry passengers and that no problems are able to go to the highway. That kind of cars should be smaller in size, driven aggregates smaller working volume, to be safe and comfortable, the price available to more customers and that they can use every day.

The competition between manufacturers of these cars is the day bigger and stronger. A significant share of the sales of such cars on the world market has company Hyundai. Hyundai automotive company in South Korea which has its supermini model named i20 presented in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show at the end of the same year the model was available for sale to customers worldwide.

2016 hyundai-i20-active release date


2016 Hyundai i20 Active Engine and Specs

From the factory, Hyundai announced that the new 2016 model Hyundai i20 Active customers will be offered with three different powertrains, two petrol and one diesel. The small gasoline drive T-GDI turbo charged direct injection unit will have a capacity of 1.0 L with integrated three-cylinder will develop a power of 99 BHP to 118 BHP, the second petrol engine will stare strength of 99 BHP from a working volume of 1.4 L while diesel will have a capacity of 1.4 L force of 89 BHP. All the engines will be very frugal and will have a very low emission of harmful exhaust gases.

2016 hyundai-i20-active mpg
2016 Hyundai i20 Active Design

2016 Hyundai i20 Active was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year as elevated version of the supermini model Hyundai i20, and is a direct rival to the VW Cross Polo and Fiat Panda Cross, functional and required crossover models in many markets the car. This small car model is 160 inches long, has five doors and is now almost 1 inch farther away from the earth (thus elevated seating position and the driver and other passengers, hence the increased visibility and times). 2016 Hyundai i20 Active is equipped with additional elements on the body to make it look like a real small crossovers, such as large roof rack, plastic spoilers with lower sides, the plastic around the wheel arches, a brand new wheels size 17 inch and a new front apron with integrated sport bumper .

2016 hyundai-i20-active review

2016 Hyundai i20 Active exterior and trim level

2016 Hyundai i20 Active will be offered in four different packages of accessories, and the model Hyundai i20, a label of the package will be S, SE, SE Premium and Premium. In the richer package of equipment, the customer will get a front and rear parking sensors, seats that are heated, electric panoramic sunroof and more. The interior of the vehicle will be spacious and comfortable, with dashboard and review all relevant indicators, touch screen display to control navigation, audio system and other, sporty metal pedals, manual transmission with six gears, electronics, takes care of the stability of the vehicle and the number of air cushions for all passengers (six airbags). Exterior is significantly different from the basic model i20 (more than half of the external elements to this vehicle model are changed in relation to the basic model i20).

2016 hyundai-i20-active 3 doors

2016 Hyundai i20 Active Release Date and Price

2016 Hyundai i20 Active will be available in early 2016, and the starting price will be $ 10,000.

2016 hyundai-i20-active interior

2016 Hyundai i20 Active Ratings

Fun to drive:4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
Performance:4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Comfort:4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
Price:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Average:4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
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