2016 Lancia Thema Review, Specs, Release date

Italian car company Lancia was founded in 1906 years by colleagues within the Vincenzo Lancia and Claudio Fogolin. Their goal was to change the world’s perception of the car, so that in 1907 the year’s introduction of offensive innovation in the automotive market with a surprisingly light model Alpha, which was equipped with a reliable and powerful engine, the front axle made of tubular structures, rather than heavy and solid steel which previously used. Throughout the history of the company Lancia introduced a large number of high-quality and popular car models, such as Delta, Ypsilon, etc., and in 1984 introduced its first generation of the Lancia Thema.

The first generation of the Lancia Thema was available in sedan and station wagon version for its design was in charge of the world-famous Pininfarina design studio and just Lancia Thema is considered the most spacious and most comfortable car of the time, which was produced in Europe. Due to the integration of automobile companies Lancia became part of the Italian automotive group Fiat, and later created the automotive division Fiat Chrysler Automobile. Since February 2011 the new generation of the Lancia Thema is on sale in the European market as a renamed relative of the second generation Chrysler 300C, which is sold under that name in the US market.

2016 lancia-thema review

2016 Lancia Thema Engine and Specs

The new model vehicles Lancia Thema will be installed verified and reliable turbo diesel engine capacity of 3.0 L, the output of 240 BHP released from the 6 cylinder. There will be a model with manual and automatic transmission. For the US market will promote the vehicle Chrysler 300 will be offered extremely powerful V6 petrol engine with 3.6 L and power of 300 BHP, and even more powerful V8 engine 5.7 L, with 390 BHP. Such powerful engines with large displacement are exclusively designed and interesting only to the US market.

2016 lancia-thema release date


2016 Lancia Thema Design

2016 Lancia Thema has been redesigned and slightly embellished version identical models from 2011 and is characterized by a distinctive long and straight lines of the body, with visible hint of a design that is lovable by customers from the US market. The whole car is the most eye-catching aluminum 18-inch wheels, which further enhances the impression of great looks. The interior of the new Lancia Thema is a very luxurious, comfortable and spacious sedan, it have all of the characteristics of a higher class of car, the cabin were used very high quality materials, such as leather, precious wood and chrome. In the 4-door vehicle, there are two rows of comfortable seats of high quality and at the same can accommodate 5 adults, it has a large luggage compartment. In a very rich variety of standard equipment are among other dual-zone air conditioning, satellite navigation system, a great new infotainment touch screen of 8 inches, great sound system, 4 air bags, ABS system that controls braking on all four wheels at the same time and more useful electronics that provides the driver and passengers comfortable and safe driving, enjoy every kilometer road.

2016 lancia-thema interior

2016 Lancia Thema Relase date and Price

World promotion of Lancia Thema is scheduled for mid-2016, with a starting price of about $ 33,000, which is more than a good price for an attractive and reliable vehicle of this quality and class.

2016 lancia-thema review and specs

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