2016 Land Rover Defender Review, Design, Price

Another awaited release from Land Rover is said to be coming soon. Even though there is not a lot of info about this car and there are a lot of rumors about it, we were able to pull some most probable things this car will feature. This car will be powerful and strong, that is for sure. Nothing less is expected from a car coming from Land Rover. It will feature muscular and tough design and it will off course be boxy same like the previous versions of this car. This car will look like SUV and it will come with powerful but at the same time sleek and elegant look. This car will be equipped with a lot of the latest technology features and it will definitely be a car many would like to own. In contrast to its predecessor, this model will be lighter and thus more efficient. It will come with four wheel drive and it will be able to go on all kind of terrains with ease. All in all this will be a great car that will definitely be something worth spending your money on.

2016 Land Rover Defender Engine and Specs

Since there is not a lot of info about the car itself, there are no specific details about its engine too. However, it will most likely come featuring one engine in its powertrain compartment. The engine in question will be a V6 engine but there are no more details about it such as its torque and horsepower. It will be paired with 8 or 9 speed automatic shifter that will make it more efficient and it will consume less gas than the previous model. There is strong possibility that this engine will come with both gasoline and diesel option and rumors say that there might even be a hybrid engine available but that is still a rumor.

2016-Land-Rover-Defender review
2016 Land Rover Defender Design

Exterior of this car will be sleek, elegant, luxurious and powerful as we already said. The interior will not trail and it will be even better. It will have latest technology gadgets such as Bluetooth, hands free telephone usage, great display etc. This car will have enough room to comfortably seat all of its passengers and to provide them with lovely and comfy ride. It will have a lot of safety options since that is one of the most important things nova days, and the passengers will definitely be able to feel safe while enjoying their ride.

2016 Land-Rover-Defender-interior
2016 Land Rover Defender Release date and Price

This car is said to be release at the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016. However, Land Rover did not confirm any of the info about this car so we are not sure this car will find its way to the roads. We hope it will since it is a great car worth buying. The price of this car will be set somewhere at $80,000-$90,000 for base version. It is a lot, but it will be worth your money.

2016-Land-Rover-Defender design

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