2016 McLaren 650s Review, Specs, Engine

The emergence of the new 650s is only a matter of time. McLaren has always been known for its excellent roadster and sports cars. The British manufacturer has announced another model 650S at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. This fantastic supercar was designed by Frank Stephenson. Development of the new car is very expensive, so the new McLaren model will be based on the current MP4-12C.

2016 mclaren_650s design


2016 McLaren 650s engine

McLaren 650 s super car will have Twin Turbo V8 Engine, which will be possible to see across whole schedule. Displacement will be 38l/322. Fuel system will be MPI sequential. 650 s will have 641 horsepower, lb feet of torque will be 500. Maximum speed will be 210 mph. To 60 mph McLaren 650 s will reach in 3s, for 124 mph will take 8.4 sec and for 186 mph it will take 25.4 sec. McLaren 650s will take 100 feet to stop from 62 mph, because of installed carbon ceramic disk of 15, 5 inches. Transmission will be seven speed dual clutches. It will consume 16mpg for city drive, 18 mpg for combined and 22 mpg for highway

2016 mclaren_650s release date

2016 McLaren 650s exterior

2016 650 s will have 4-wheel brake abs system. It will be 175 inches length, width will be 75.1 inches, and height will be 47.2 inches. 19 gallons will be full tank capacity. 650s is of course made for 2 passengers. Size of the wheels will be for front 19* 8.5 inches and for rear wheels will be 20 *11 inches. Wheel material will be made of forged aluminum.McLaren 650 s will have iconic, dihedral doors lighter and aerodynamic. Everything will be designed and adapted to less the weight. Colors would be possible chosen by buyers. According to announcements, McLaren 650s will be available in black, orange and Sarthe Grey. It is possible that colors will have holographic elements. As we mentioned, design will be inspired by McLaren P1. All lights will be made in LED technology.

2016 mclaren_650s review

2016 McLaren 650s interior

Interior will consist of race-crafted steering wheel, formula 1 inspired gearshift mounted on steering wheels, active dynamic panel. Interior will be adapted to keep driver eyes on the road with panoramic view from outside and inside. Driver will easily locate every control in the cabin. Button that will leading drive will be grouped in the centre console and for the climate zone will be organized in the door panels. For American market 2016 650s will have Sirius entertainment system. Iris will be system for navigation and Meridian will be audio system. There will also be the option of ordering a Bose audio system. Seats also will be race types made of carbon. Cockpit won’t drastic change from cockpit of McLaren 12c.

2016 mclaren_650s interior

2016 McLaren 650s release date and price

Speculations are that 2016 McLaren 650s will soon come to market, probably in this year. Official date is still not announced, but 650s will most likely occur in early 2016. Price of new McLaren 650s will be approximately 270.000$.

2016-Mclaren 650s price

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