2016 Mercedes AMG GT review, engine, price

As announced, new restyled Mercedes AMG GT will soon appear. It first appeared in 2014 and is the second sports car designed under the brand Mercedes AMG. Otherwise, AMG is a special part of the Mercedes in which employees are top engineers responsible for the development of high-performance cars. Otherwise, AMG was a company acquired in 1999 by Mercedes , and before that was independently developed from 1967. Models of this division have a lot more aggressive lines and have a much greater use of modern materials from the other cars.

2016-mercedes-amg-gt  review

2016 Mercedes AMG GT engine

Mercedes AMG gt will have two motors one will be 4l V8 with twin turbo engines. It will have 500hp and 650 lb feet of torque. The other one will be with same volume but with weaker power with 460 horse power and 440 lb ft. It will get speed from 0 to 60 miles per hour in interval of 3.8 sec and top speed up to 192 miles per hour. This engine will be coupled with 7 speed automatic transmission. It will be possible with cooler air venturing the engine. Plant will be on rear wheels. Engine will used new generation “hot vee configuration” which lead hot exhaust gases to the center of V. In the same time cold fresh air will be routed to outer cylinder heads. It had to take constant pressure on 2 turbochargers in V. Oil pan will be smaller which has benefit in lowering engine and decreasing overall gravity of car. I will also have direct fuel injectors which will deliver precise variation fuel amount depends on different circumstances.

2016-mercedes-amg-gt interior

2016 Mercedes AMG GT interior

Interior will have possibility to be design by buyer’s wishes. This evidently will be in upholsters materials, glossy aerial or carbon fiber and contrasting stitching. Design and materials of cockpit are top class like spaceship, because of low seats and tall centre console. Dashboard and cabin will be covered in quality leather. Dashboard will also be wide, center ship and spacey. Amg gt will have concave shaped doors and central-spotlight vents. 8 inch display will be like Ipad and will boast a crisp graphic. Like mostly new Mercedes car Amg gt will also have Commando interface with managed display. This is best interface system for cars as far. Seats will have thin padding. Amg gt will also have A pillars, long hood and windshield header. Amg gt drive controls unit will be positioned in v shape Cargo space will be useful because it will have 12.4 cubic feet.

2016-mercedes-amg-gt relese date

2016 Mercedes AMG GT exterior

Mercedes Amg Gt will have standard equipment like: dynamic exhaust system, 19/20 wheels, led headlights, auto-dimming outside mirrors, electronically controlled rear differential, automatic headlights control, keyless ignition parking sensors. Interior will also consist of well known Burmeister audio system. Amg gt will also have dynamic package with revise engine and suspension tuning. Amg Gt will have two doors, 2 seats and dual clutch rear box,. It will have fuel consumption of 16 mpg for city, and 22mpg on the highway.

2016-mercedes-amg-gt specs

2016 Mercedes AMG GT price and release date

Mercedes Amg Gt will be shown by the end of the 2015 and it will cost in base version nearly 130.000 $. it is expected that the new model of AMG GT will achieve great success.

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