2016 Nissan Silvia S16 design, specs, tuning, price

In the community of fans of Nissan cars there is great excitement. As indicated, newest sport coupe with the name Silvia will soon appear. Through over 50 years of existence, this car has gone through many phases and many modifications. It first appeared in 1964 as a sports car based on the Nissan S platform. Over the years Silvia gained many fans with its interesting design and excellent features. Previous S15 model had a good sale, so it was logical to prepare new Nissan Silvia S16. As announced, Nissan S16 concept will be presented for the first time on the end of October at the Tokyo Motor Show.

2016-Nissan-Silvia s16 design

2016 Nissan Silvia S16 engine

Still not sure which engine will be decided by engineers from Nissan. According to announcements, the first engine that may be incorporated is a 2.0-liter with an output of 200hp and excellent 271 lb.-ft of torque. As a second option is mentioned Mercedes engine of 1.8 liters with lesser power of 156hp and 180 lb.-ft of torque. When we take into consideration that earlier generations Silvia had a weight of 2400-2762 lb listed power engine operate even bigger. As announced, dimensions of Nissan S16 will be less than in the previous model. It is also very interesting to retain that S16 will have only 2 doors, but will have 5 seats. It remains to be seen how many will be room in the rear with respect to a smaller length and width of the vehicle. I mention this because the Internet rumors says that the cab will be higher than the previous vehicle, and that fact is opposed to the announced reduction in the external dimensions.

2016-Nissan-Silvia-s16 concept

2016 Nissan Silvia S16 design

So, if we take into account the dimensions of the previous model S15, the new S16 will have a few inches less length of 175 inches and a little less width of 67 inches. What should boast a sleek and sporty look. The last part of this sports car will adorn spoiler and two exhaust tail pipes. Some rumors say that the new car will be a sedan, but we believe that they are not real. Probably will new Nissan Silvia S16 be the favorite car for tuning projects.


2016 Nissan Silvia S16 interior

Inside the new Silvia will be as we have assumed more subservient to the driver and passenger. Announcements about more space for passengers are not clear, so we have to wait to see what are related rumors. It is certain that this functionalities will be available: bluetooth connectivity, sattelite navigation, cruize control. The assumption is that the central point on the board will occupy the touchscreen with unknown size. There is also announced a high quality audio system.

2016-Nissan-Silvia s16 interior

2016 Nissan Silvia S16 price and release date

New Nissan Silvia should appear at the beginning of 2016. The price of Nissan Silvia will be between 22000 and 24000 dollars.

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