2016 Opel Antara Redesign, Specs, Review

2016 Opel Antara redesign is the result of cooperation between leading US auto giant General Motors and the German manufacturer of Opel. The two companies have created a joint “Theta” platform shared by compact SUVs Chevrolet Captiva and Opel Antara. The first model of the Opel Antara is presented in 2006, and the corporation GM has promoted the global market under different names, Saturn Vue, GMC Terrain, Daewoo Winstrom. Since its launch, the Opel Antara has only had a minor redesign, so it’s time for significant changes to the vehicle’s appearance and its characteristics.

The changes will be visible from the outside and the inside of the vehicle, many elements will be improved, so that Opel hopes that with this redesign model further strengthen its excellent sales results in the category of compact SUVs, where competition from other manufacturers is extremely strong.

2016 Opel-Antara-new-redesign

2016 Opel Antara and redesign Engine Specs

The vehicle is equipped with an improved suspension system, and improved system that reduces noise inside the cabin and thus makes it even more enjoyable. 2016 Opel Antara redesign customers will be offered in a version with two diesel powertrains. The first unit is LTG Ecotec engine displacement of 2.0 L, which with the help of a turbocharger develops 256 BHP. The second unit has a label Turbo Bi, volume is 2.0 LI assisted turbocharger develops 195 BHP. Due to the strict US standards for emissions of harmful exhaust gases, the new units are significantly improved compared to the previous model, reduced emissions of carbon dioxide, as well as fuel consumption. 2016 Opel Antara redesign the engine power transmitted to the wheels through a new automated DSS transmission with six gears. Opel said it would accelerate the Antara 0-60 mph in 8 seconds.

2016-Opel-Antara price

2016 Opel Antara redesign Design

2016 Opel Antara redesign the compact SUV with five doors, a brand new design of the front cover of Opel sign, a new design and headlights, chrome details of the vehicle give the impression of elegance, I have redesigned alloy wheels size 19 inch, contours New models are extremely simple and liquid. The interior cabin is very tastefully and luxuriously equipped with all the latest technological solutions, new systems that ensure safety of passengers (number of airbags, belt tensioners), the new drive assist systems, large display in the center console through which manages navigation and other infotainment systems . The center console in front of the driver and front passenger are made from carbon fibers, which are firm and small are overweight, and the passengers were for available seats made from premium leather. 2016 Opel Antara is equipped with a redesign and electronic brake system, the system assists in driving in hilly terrain, the instrument panel is read gear in which the vehicle is currently located. Passengers are in the new redesigned model is now available larger, more comfortable seating area, as well as larger stowage space for transportation of goods and cargo.

2016-Opel-Antara-interior review

2016 Opel Antara redesign Relase date and Price

Promotion redesign of the Opel Antara is expected during second half of 2015, with a starting price of about $ 20,000.

Opel-Antara-2016 release date

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