2016 Pontiac GTO Review, Release date, MPG

According to announcements coming from different forums on the Internet, soon will appear a new, restyled Pontiac GTO. To remind you, the original vehicle was extremely popular before 1974. The first attempt to return the car on the roads in the 21 th century was in Australia from 2004 to 2006. Then appeared under the name of Holden Monaro.

It is assumed that GTO will be available in the following colors: Quicksilver Metallic , Cosmos Purple Metallic,Impulse Blue Metallic,Torrid Red , Phantom Black Metallic and Barbados Blue Metallic.

2016-Pontiac-GTO-judge review

2016 Pontiac GTO engine

Pontiac Gto also called Judge will have strong supercharged engine and it will be V8 with 6 liter which would produced 426 horsepower. Judge will also have 6 speed gearbox, SLP long tube headers, 12 pounds of boost and custom hydraulic camshaft rollers. It is not yet known fuel consumption. Some connoisseurs assumed that it will be around 28 mpg on the highway, but we still not have official data.

2016 Pontiac-GTO-Concept release date

2016 Pontiac GTO exterior

2016 will have exactly same body style and platform like Popular Judge from 1979 with some new technological upgrades. As far as upgrades concerned, changes will be reflected in quite new radiator grille which will be split in two with sign of Pontiac. New Hid headlights will be set below the revised hood and the grille. Hid headlights will consist of extra air scoops and big fog lamps. The grille will be also separated in size with two smaller grilles just below the big ones. Changes will also be on a back of car. There will be new rear wing, back trunk, tailgates, and two exhaust pipes. Wheels will, be 20 inches which is another change in compare to 1979. and 2005. model. Ff course, new car models include new alloys that are used in vehicle design. For this reason, the restyled 2016 GTO be lighter than the original vehicle.

Pontiac G8 GT. X07SV_PN004  (United States)

Pontiac G8 GT. X07SV_PN004 (United States)

2016 Pontiac GTO interior

The cabin will have old, traditional style with some small changes. Changes will reflected in new stitching design of seats. Color of interior will be traditional orange black and will be skin. Dashboard will also stay traditional with some new upgrades like multifunctional steering, GPS navigation, and touch screen display, heated and ventilated seats, automatic climate control. Steering wheel will be leather and designed in silver and a black color. Interior will be set up to upgrade comfort.

Concept of 2016 Pontiac GTO will be based on Ford Mustang t 500. Back will consist of large shapely spoiler with 2 exhaust pipes. There will also be new design for a back trunk. On a sides Pontiac 2016 GTO will have aerodynamic curves which will give better consumption of fuel, top speed and acceleration.

2016 Pontiac-GTO price

2016 Pontiac GTO Release Date and Price

It is expecting that 2016 Pontiac Gto will be released by the end of the year or beginning of next year. It will be shown first on US market. Expecting price will be in wide range from base version of 25000 $ to 60.000$, which will depend of buyers need. 60.000$ will be price for high trim with luxurious accessories and additional gadgets.

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