2016 Renault Fluence ZE Review, Engine, Release Date

French car company Renault launched its first generation sedan Fluence introduced in 2009, while the second generation of the preparation for the global audience. It is a model car in the segment of the middle class, which every year achieves better sales results, and because of the reasonable prices, simplicity, spacious inside the cabin and fuel economy.

2016 Renault Fluence will be manufactured in the home country, France, but in the Renault factories that the company has built in Asia, South America and Turkey. Direct competitors of new model 2016 Renault Fluence will be the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, Honda Civic and Mazda third.

2016 renault-fluence concept price

2016 Renault Fluence ZE Concept Engine and Specs

2016 Renault Fluence will be offered with two petrol and one diesel powerplant, everyone is already built into the current model and proven quality. Both gasoline engines will be four cylinders, weaker unit will have a capacity of 1.6 LI develop 110 BHP, while the powerful have a capacity of 2.0 LI power of 140 BHP. DCI diesel engine will have a displacement of 1.5 liters and power outputs will vary depending on what part of the world market will be made. The company Renault plans to part of the market offer and sporty GT version of the Fluence with a petrol engine capacity of 2.0 LI turbocharger that develops 190 BHP. In addition to the manual gearbox, the offer will be found and X-Tronic automatic transmission with six-speed transmission. The company Renault announced that the 2016 Renault Fluence will be the recorder of its kind for low fuel consumption and minimum amount of the carbon emissions.

Novo Renault Fluence. São José dos Pinhais, 18/09/2014./ Foto: Rodolfo BUHRER / La Imagem.

Novo Renault Fluence. São José dos Pinhais, 18/09/2014./ Foto: Rodolfo BUHRER / La Imagem.

2016 Renault Fluence ZE concept Design

2016 Renault Fluence now has a revised front grille, which is decorated with elongated front LED lights and a large Renault logo. The rear lights are also LED, so that the application of LED lighting has become a standard offer in all trims on the model Fluence. On offer now are great and newly designed alloy wheels. The companies Renault and Nissan now share a platform on which they made models of Renault Fluence and Nissan Sentra. 2016 Renault Fluence is a four-door sedan, in which can accommodate five adults, and improved the system entry into the vehicle, as well as the seating position of passengers on the rear bench, which can now comfortably be accommodated and to enjoy during long journeys . Improved Renault R-Link system contains promoted infotainment and navigation system, a vehicle driver will lock and unlock your Renault Fluence with a key to keep in your pocket and will not need to use the old-fashioned way. The car’s interior is made of quality materials and the presence of detail made of chromium, and in front of the driver is very clear and functional instrument panel, as well as the center console with built color display with navigation and radio CD with built-in speakers.

2016 renault-fluence interior

2016 Renault Fluence Relase date and Price

Planned start of sales of the 2016 Renault Fluence is planned for autumn 2015. The starting price of the model with the petrol powertrain will be around $ 12,000, while the one with a diesel powertrain sold at a starting price of $ 13.500.

2016 renault-fluence review

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