2016 Subaru Legacy GT design, specs, price

This car is a proof how a good car redesign can improve the overall success of the company. New 2016 Subaru Legacy is the car that is ready to hit the roads. It will be one of the best cars in its class. They have put up a lot of work in Subaru to make this car better than before, and we think they did it. It will be remarkable and with a lot more quality things than ever before. This Japanese car manufacturer is hoping that this new Legacy line will be a long lasting one and that it will bring better market position for the company. This car will be outstanding both on the inside and on the outside. The company wants to make this car to be the one that is associated with great performance at less cost than the competitors. This sedan will have a lot of different tech features but it will cost less than the other similar cars on the market.

2016-Subaru-Legacy review
2016 Subaru Legacy GT Engine and Specs

The powertrain of this car will come featuring different engines. Its powertrain will utilize two different engines that will power this car. The first engine that will be found under the hood of this car will be a 2.5 liter engine that will be able to produce 175 horsepower and 173 lb. –ft. of torque. The second engine that will come offered will be a 3.6 liter one that will be able to produce 256 horsepower and 247 lb. –ft. of torque. Both engines will be paired with the CVT transmission (variable transmission). Both engines will be great and will offer great displacement of power to run this vehicle. All in all, these two engines will offer good execution and reliability and they will be enough for drivers to feel this car in the right way.

2016-Subaru-Legacy GT release date
2016 Subaru Legacy GT Design

They have put a lot of hard work in making this car great. Outside of this car is similar to the previous version but with some small changes. The biggest change on the outside is visible when you look at the lights. This car got new head and taillights and it really brings another perspective to the cars design. Another thing changed on the outside is the bumper that got redesigned. This car has sporty and lean outside design and it comes with more length than the previous version. Interior of this car is also refreshed. The inside of the cabin will be based on leather and we will see that on the steering wheel, dash and the seats. This car will provide plenty of space for its passengers and we can say it is very roomy and spacy. It comes with a lot of tech features as well as the security ones. It will have crash caution program, cruise control, camera assistance as well as lane keeping technology built in it. There will be a 6.2 inch touchscreen display placed in the center of the dashboard that will be used to control the infotainment system.

2016 Subaru Legacy GT Release date and Price

This car is available in 2015 and you can choose to buy it in different trim levels. The price of Legacy GT will be about $27,000.


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