2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6 specs, engine, price

A new generation T6 Transporter is coming from Volkswagen. It has been revealed and it became the latest addition to this family that made sales of over 12 million pieces since it was introduced in 1950. Volkswagen tried to make a van that will be similar to previous ones but with new tech and materials. They left the same “boxy” and square look but they modernized it a little bit. It has rectangular big headlights and a three line grille design. This is the sixth generation of this Transporter and it has been enriched with new exterior and interior styling and with some new features added. This vehicle is one of the most recognizable models and it is almost iconic. To remind you: VW Transporter was a symbol of the hippie movement in the early seventies of the 20th century. It symbolized the freedom of movement and life of a new generation. Through generations they have changed and this sixth gen is going to be the best one yet.

2016-volkswagen transporter t6 design

2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6 Engine and Specs

Powertrain will be consisted out of two different engines. First engine offered will be a 2.0 liter petrol engine and the second engine found under the hood will be a 2.0 liter TDI diesel engine. However, each of these two will have different variations with horsepower they will offer. Diesel engine will be offered with 84 and up to 204 horsepower and it will come in 4 ranges. On the other side, petrol engines will be offered in two variations. One will have 150 horsepower while the other one will have 204 horsepower. Besides this, these engines bring better performance and the officials said that fuel efficiency became 15% better with this model. This transporter will come with Chassis Control system that will be used in three different drive modes; comfort, normal and sort and it will improve driving and make it more enjoyable.

2016-volkswagen-t6 review

2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6 Design

Outside design is the same but with more modern style and new materials. The inside is also refreshed and that includes the dashboard, shifter, steering wheel etc. Inside features a motion based information and entertainment system which activates for input whenever a passenger comes closer than 6.3 inches to the screen with their hand. Inside comes with a lot of features such as climate control, power operated rear doors, Emergency brake, driver alert system etc. It is understood equipment with CarPlay Apple and Android car media systems. According to some reports, one of the potential problems could be caused by noise in the cabin. However, we hope that this problem will be resolved by the appearance of this great Van.

2016-volkswagen-t6 interior price

2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6 Release date and Price

This car will start selling real soon since it was already presented but the exact date is unknown, but that will happened in the next 12 month. The main competitors of this model will be a Toyota HiAce, the Ford Transit and Hyundai iLoadand. The price is still a mystery but we think it will be similar to the one previous model had so that means the starting price will be a bit more than $26.000.

2016-volkswagen-t6 specs

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