2017 Honda Pilot design, spy photo, release date

Honda will soon introduce the latest generation of the Honda Pilot. This mid-size SUV has achieved enormous popularity worldwide. This car has gained many fans for the past 13 years of production. For these reasons, Honda has invested more effort and improve the car. The question is: what’s new? The answer is simple: all positions in the design have been changed. Above all, the dimensions are significantly increased. With the increase in size, wheelbase has been increased too. This fact rather increased comfort inside the cabin.

2017 honda-pilot design


2017 Honda Pilot design

Completely revolutionary thing is that the new 2017 Honda Pilot have 3 rows of seats with plenty of room, even on the back seats. I know how you look the fact that mid-size SUVs have three rows of seats, but we think that the designers do a good job. I do not know if you’ve ever driven a car that at first glance seems to be no room in the cabin, and there greet you much space and you are surprised. For example, Peugeot 107 looks outside like there’s room for only two passengers, but in the second row has enough room for men of coarser grade. This will probably be the case with the third row of seats in the Honda Pilot. In the middle row, we already get the information that will have a lot of room for head and shoulders. The control panel will be with a large touchscreen and equipped with excellent infotainment system. Among the new functionality, there will be Bluetooth connectivity, adaptive cruize control, back sight cam and a lot of steering wheel commands.

2017-Honda-Pilot-redesign release date

2017 Honda Pilot engine

Engine for Honda Pilot will be a 3.5-liter V6 with an output of 290 hp with a whopping 267 lb-ft of torque. Another very important thing is the automatic 6-speed transmission. The base model will have FWD, but there will be AWD as an option. EPA is not yet known, but the story is that it will be 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on highway. Like all recent Honda models, this engine will be created in the Earth Dreams Technology, which guarantees reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

2017 honda-pilot-rear

2017 Honda Pilot interior

There are many similarities with the model Acura MDX. Honda Pilot will share its platform with the Honda Odissey. From MDX will take its luxury and elegance. A good part of the information we can conclude on the basis of the spy photos of the new model. The front portion of the vehicle will experience a radical change. Above all, the grill will have a completely different look, as well as bumper and the lights. As is the trend, all the lights will be done in LED technology. Construction of the new Honda Civic will be produced from lightweight materials. with excellent engine, this will mean a significantly lower vehicle weight and fuel consumption.

2017 Honda-Pilot-interior

2017 Honda Pilot release date and price

New Honda Pilot 2017 will most likely occur in the first three months of 2016. The price of this model will be slightly less than 31000 dollars. The strongest trim level of this car should cost around 43000 dollars.

2017 Honda-Pilot spy-photo

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