2017 Jeep Cherokee Hellcat specs, review, price

After much talk, anticipation and speculation, both in the media and among the admirers of the brand has finally reached the long-awaited official information from the company about the new Jeep model vehicles. It is a model 2017 Jeep Cherokee Hellcat.

2017 Jeep-Grand-Cherokee release date

2017 Jeep Cherokee Hellcat Engine and Specs

It is a vehicle fantastic performance that will occur in the global market with monstrous Hemi V8 engine capacity of 6.2 L, which will over the ZF 8-speed automatic transmission to transfer 707 BHP wheel. This engine power 707 BHP was called Hellcat and the 0 to 60 mph speeds up 5,210 lbs heavy vehicle for an amazing three seconds. The maximum speed of the vehicle 2017 Jeep Cherokee Hellcat is 200 mph. Complete portable drive, brakes, suspension and chassis are further enhanced due to the enormous power of the engine which is located in the vehicle and that it runs. This vehicle is not intended for customers which is very important, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs, but customers who want to enjoy the deafening sound of the Hemi V8 engine, to feel the smell of gasoline and burned tires, to enjoy all 707 BHP that this vehicle can deliver pressing the pedal of the accelerator pedal.

2017 Jeep-Grand-Cherokee review

2017 Jeep Cherokee Hellcat Design

2017 Jeep Cherokee Hellcat has a distinctive sporty exterior design, with front adorned by large headlights with LEDs, large air intakes, the lateral lines are simple and genuine and complete the elegant to the rear, where the rear lights with LED present diodes. The large side mirrors with integrated turn signals of the vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with a rich exterior chrome accents. The interior of the vehicle is equipped with high-quality materials, the present leather, precious wood, aluminum, every detail when designing the cabin is given special attention, so that is the end product of all this outstanding craftsmanship. The cabin is comfortable can accommodate five adults, who have at their disposal a lot of room for the head and feet and a large luggage compartment to transport luggage or other cargo.

2017-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee colors

The space in front of the driver is looking great, sporty character of the vehicle 2017 Jeep Cherokee Hellcat is felt in every part of the instrument panel, all the indicators are in place and are well lit, all data from the instruments are crystal clear and easily readable. You do not need to spend a lot of time and say that the vehicle is equipped with a brilliant touch screen infotainment system, premium audio system, a number of external media ports, USB, Bluetooth and Wireless connections, air conditioning that cools especially the front and the back of special vehicles, satellite navigation last generation and so on. For the safety of passengers is concerned numerous air bags, designed to protect each passenger separately from all sides.

2017-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee price

2017 Jeep Cherokee Hellcat Relase date and Price


Introducing the new 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles Hellcat I announced for the middle of 2016, the planned starting price of $ 65,000.

2017-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee hellcat interior

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