2017 Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe Review, Specs, Release Date

There is a new beauty coming from Mercedes, and this beauty will be a true beast. The car we are talking about is new 2017 Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe. This car was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show and just by the look on it we can tell it is a great car. It looks angry and ready to hit the roads for the maximum ride joy.

From whatever side you look on this car you can see power breathing out of it, never mind if you are looking at its big air intakes, diffuser, hood and wide fenders or its tires, this car is all about strength and muscle. When Mercedes and AMG combine abilities, we expect nothing less than this. After a lot of talk and rumors, we were finally able to find out what exactly are the features this car will bring to the market. This car is not exactly everyday road car since its speed is way greater than the one set by speed limits, but those lucky enough to drive this car won’t be able to exploit this car to the maximum. With a powerful sport design and new engine inside, we are sure that this car will cause a lot of attention when it is released in 2016.

2017-Mercedes-AMG-C63 Coupe release date
2017 Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe Engine and Specs

We said that this car says power just by the look on it, and we had a point. This car will come with a really amazing powertrain. The engine that will power this beauty will be AMG’s 4.0 liter V8 engine that will be able to produce stunning 470 horsepower in the C63 coupe along with 479 lb. –ft. of torque, and 503 horsepower in its trim C63 S coupe along with 516 lb. –ft. of torque. That is a lot of ponies for this small car. Power will be sent to the rear wheels and it will allow this car to reach 60 mph in 3.8 seconds with top speed electronically set at 155 and 180 mph respectively.

2017-Mercedes-AMG-C63-Coupe review
2017 Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe Exterior

Exterior design of this car is a story for itself. This car will look powerful and it won’t look like a regular coupe. Even the Chairman of their Board of Management Tobias Moers said that this car will have a muscular design and a bold visual identity. Their idea is to make a car that customers will be able to “see, hear, feel and drive” as he said. It will have a sleek and powerful design, with big air vents, lean hood, lip spoiler on the trunk, very wide front and back fenders etc. This car will be wider than ever before. Interior part of this car will be fitted with gear selector, Burmester audio system, sport front seats, Collision control, attention assist and many others.

2017-mercedes-amg-c63-coupe-spy photo design
2017 Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe Release date and Price

This car will be released in the summer of 2016, most likely in August. The prices that will be set for these two models are said to be $70,000 plus and $80,000 plus thousand respectively.

2017-Mercedes-Benz-C63 price

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