2017 Suzuki IM-4 Concept Review, Engine, release Date

Suzuki has always been known for making excellent motorcycles and small cars. This company has a history of over 80 years of making small, fast and very agile car. 5 years ago, the WV corporation entered into the ownership of Suzuki. From that moment at the management of Suzuki had increasingly began to observe the SUV vehicle that is on the rise. These plans resulted in the launch of IM-4 concept car. This mini-SUV should improve the position of the company Suzuki in the segment sub-4 meter SUV, which is not so competitive.

2017 Suzuki-iM-4-concept review

2017 Suzuki IM-4 concept engine

Suzuki IM-4 will have 1.2 petrol engines which will be combined with mild hybrid system. This system will be consisting of lithium ion battery pack and an integrated start generator. Car fuel economy will be reached with specific regenerative braking system. There will be also another kind of engine 1, 2 l dual jet petrol engine with 4-cylinder which will be separate equipped with two fuel injectors. This engine will produce 89 horse power and 80 lb-feet of torque. Engine will have pair of side outlets just like Suzuki vitara has it. New Suzuki IM 4 will be about 3700mm long, 1710 mm wide and 1570 mm tall.

2017 Suzuki-iM-4-concept release date

2017 Suzuki IM-4 concept exterior

Design was already presented for concept of im-2 super mini, which is based on new Suzuki platform. This platform is characterized in reducing weight and increase rigidity which is result of new designed underbody structure. The difference will be reflected in im-4 rugged and more modern looking also and 5 doors. Front end will look like as combination of Volkswagen Amarook and Kia Vibe. Only few details will vary this car from Japanese micro-cars of 70’s. Exterior will remind on boxy “Kei cars” like Cervo and Fronte Coupe models. Sides of the vehicle will be very angular. Pillars will have appearance like floating rounded roof which will be blacked for im4 models which generally be in white colors. Pillars will also cuted sharp rear windows. Up front will be low air intakes, sunglass grille and clamshell bonnet. On a back there will be a pair of LED lights and two led strips placed into bumper. IM4 will have 18 inch big wheels with five trapezoid bodies.

2017 Suzuki-iM-4-concept design

2017 Suzuki IM-4 concept interior

Most things about interior now are still unknown. Materials in interior won’t be luxury, it will be common . Instrument panel will have CD player and small monochromatic display. It is expecting that interior will have instrument panel storage box, wide-opening doors, and front passenger under set tray, glove compartment like features from Wagon R, Suzuki Swift and IK-2 concept. There will also be mandatory airbags and anti-lock brakes.


2017 Suzuki IM-4 concept release date and price

This concept was presented on Geneva car show an it is expecting that production will start in 2018. IM-4 will be more expensive than Wagon R models because of its hybrid system. More precisely it will not cost less than 20.000$.

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