2017 Toyota Highlander Review, Gas Mileage, Release Date

The Japanese car company Toyota is preparing intensively their shining vehicles in 2017 Toyota Highlander. It is a vehicle with elegant design, performance powertrain and all other characteristics being a model worthy of attention of all customers and a subject on which we will talk about the automotive world.

2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid specs
2017 Toyota Highlander and Engine Specs

The main purpose of this vehicle is its use outside of paved roads and in difficult weather conditions, which means that the target group of customers one male macho group that will be in the vehicle at the same time profit and elegant car and SUV strong partner for daring driving on various difficult terrains And weather conditions. 2017 Toyota Highlander will be able to very comfortably accommodate five adults and a lot of equipment and luggage. The company Toyota is to launch powerful and large vehicles, heavy 5,000 pounds, prepared and appropriate powertrains that can respond to all challenges while driving and to successfully cope with all kinds of terrain and conditions. Buyers will be offered two petrol turbo engines, which will transmit its power to all wheels via an automatic transmission with six gears. Stronger powertrain is V6 engine displacement 3.5 LI develops a maximum power of 270 BHP. Weaker unit has a four-cylinder develops 185 BHP with an engine volume of 2.7 L. Following the global trend of reduction of harmful emissions, 2017 Toyota Highlander will be fitted with variable valve timing system, which will further reduce emissions and will have the same label ULEV (Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle).

2017 Toyota Highlander redesign

2017 Toyota Highlander gas mileage

Toyota has made great efforts to reduce fuel consumption. The best results in fuel consumption is achieved with Toyota Highlander Hybrid. For model 2015 Highlander, fuel consumption was 28 mpg. We expect that the result for the model 2017 will be even better, though official data are still lacking. Version 2015 Toyota Highlander AWD had a consumption of 18 mpg city and 24 mpg on the highway. So, there is much room for improvement in gas mileage of Toyota Highlander.

2017 Toyota-Highlander-limited interior

2017 Toyota Highlander Design

The first visual encounter with a model 2017 Toyota Highlander leaves a strong impression on the viewer. By outer lines of an SUV with five doors are elegant and stylish, show the strength of the vehicle throughout its size, are very striking front and rear bumpers, as well as light clusters front and rear. The designers of the Japanese car company Toyota in this model, special attention to detail in the cabin 2017 Toyota Highlander, so it will be available to customers a large choice of materials from which the interior materials, such as leather and details made of metal and precious wood. The seats to accommodate passengers are made of extremely high-quality leather, and have the possibility of heating and ventilation, as well as the possibility of adjusting the seating position, so that all passengers enjoy the additional comfort when driving. On the list of numerous modern technological additives embedded in the vehicle 2017 Toyota Highlander are: great air conditioning, twelve speakers and a premium audio device that will be managed via a large 8.1 inch touch screen display, Internet, Wireless, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, satellite navigation, electrical parking brake, rear camera parking aid, cruise control, radar cruise control and blind spots control system, sunroof, steering wheel that has the possibility of heating, Bi-xenon lights, eight airbags that are further concerned about the safety of passengers, etc.

2017-Toyota-Highlander gas mileage
2017 Toyota Highlander Relase date and Price

2017 Toyota Highlander will appear on the market in early 2016 with a starting price of $ 30,000 while the best-equipped model will cost about $ 44,000.

2017-Toyota-Highlander release date

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