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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan – Giorgio Platform

2016 Alfa_Romeo_Giulia review

Those familiar with the automotive industry argue that it is the cradle of Italy top sports cars. Culinary Connoisseurs claim that it is the cradle of Italy excellent simple dishes that are quickly prepared. Fashion experts claim that it is the cradle of Italy high fashion. What happens when all these three elements, automobiles, cookery and fashion combined into one? It happens to be in an Italian car company ‘cook’ a new vehicle model of superior design.

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia review, engine, release date

2016-Alfa-Romeo-Giulia specs

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia has introduced at the motor show in Milan. This car will definitely be a new trump card in the sales of Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne. Giulia will be a direct successor to the model 159. Although it was announced earlier that the new Alfa have front-wheel drive, it will not happen. The drive will be exclusively RWD. Another important thing is the length of the development of a new car. According to people from the company, a team of 10 top engineers and designers prepared a new model for only two and a half years !! According to the American model, this team is termed the “skunks”. Normal development of the new model car is 4 years.