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2016 Dodge Dakota Diesel Review, Specs, Engine

2016-Dodge-Dakota price

New redesigned car is coming to the market. The car in question is 2016 Dodge Dakota. Even though this car’s production was discontinued after Fiat bought Chrysler, there are strong clues that after a while this car will again find its way to the roads. Its predecessor was a body on frame type of car, and it had pretty good design inside out. This new car will be a light truck that will be made in joint cooperation of Dodge and Mitsubishi and we will once again be able to see this nice truck cruising on the roads.

2016 Dodge Barracuda review, exterior, price

2015-Dodge-Barracuda review

For all fans of fast sport cars, Barracuda was one of the best cars of all time. At that time, Dodge Barracuda was the main opponent of another legendary car: Ford Mustang. In those years, and it is the beginning of the 1970s cars had very different priorities than today. First of all, constructors do not takes too much care of fuel consumption, as well as on environmental protection.

2016 Dodge Rampage exterior, specs, mpg

2016-Dodge-Rampage reviwer

As announced, the Dodge Rampage will soon appear. However, thirty years ago the Dodge Rampage was pretty popular. It first appeared in 1982. It was produced for 2 years and then remained in good memory of those who drove it. In the eighties Rampage was known as a great 2 door pickup vehicle. Under the Rampage name there were no vehicles for a long time.