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2016 Ford Torino GT Release Date, Price

2016 Ford-Torino GT review

Good news are coming from Ford company: soon they will present new Ford Torino. American automobile company Ford its first generation of Ford Torino unveiled to customers in 1968, and the model was named after the city of Turin, which is located in Italy and because of the strong and developed automobile production with the Italian believes Detroit. Ford Torino was the model with the powerful petrol powertrains, the V6 or V8 engine versions and a displacement of 3.3 L to 4.9 L.

2016 Ford Everest Redesign, Mpg, Release Date

2016 Ford_everest review

There is a new interesting release coming from Ford Motor Company. This company is known around the globe for their cars and they have prepared an interesting release. The car that we will review here and that we are talking about is 2016 Ford Everest. Being a true SUV allows us to say this car is one of the rare ones that stayed faithful to the old style SUV design. A lot of SUV’s have crossover characteristics, and even though similar we can’t say they are true SUV’s.

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel Review, Mpg, Release Date

2017 ford-ranger review

In recent days have begun to circulate rumors about the new Ford Ranger. The US car company Ford, with a tradition of over 110 years, its first car model called Ranger unveiled back in 1982, and named 1983 Ford Ranger. Ford Ranger has long been available only in the US market, while in other markets sold as the Mazda B-50 (a Japanese car company Mazda is partly owned by a large automotive concern Ford).

2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Review, Gas Mileage, Release Date

2017-Ford-Fusion hybrid price

Another great car that is set to be released soon will be reviewed here. The car we will write about today is 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid. This mid-sized sedan is expected on the roads pretty soon and we were recently able to see some photos showing just what will this car bring on the market. It should not bring any major changes in its design since it is already well designed and good looking.

2016 Ford F 250 Review, Specs, Release Date

2016-Ford-F-250 release date

Ford F 250 is predicted to deliver mighty torque and gas horsepower with his diesel 6.7 l V8 power stroke engine. This engine will produced 440 horse power and even 860 lb feet of torque at 1600 rpm. It will have automatic transmission with 6 speeds. F 250 will also have gasoline engine with 6.2 l V8 which will produce 385 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque at 4500 rpm.

2017 Ford C Max Solar Energi Review, Engine, Release Date

2017-Ford-C-Max  release date

A new model is being prepared in Ford. This time it will be a 2017 C Max Solar Energi. As the market moves towards green technologies and more sustainable vehicles that do not pollute the environment as much as current models do, so does Ford. This company realized that the companies that started producing eco-friendly cars made a good sales record and that this is the automotive future.

2017 Ford Explorer Sport release date, review, price


US auto giant Ford, a leader in the production of cars in the United States, twenty years ago introduced the world market model midsize SUV called the Ford Explorer and since its presentation was the choice of many customers. Since its introduction has undergone only minor changes in their appearance and characteristics. 2017 Ford Explorer Sport is a brand new innovative vehicle, which will be as before, because of its reliability, spaciousness and quality, the choice of a large number of families with more members.

2016 Ford Bronco Raptor review, specs, price


There were a lot of talks about this car, and it all started as an April fool’s joke that escalated quickly and people soon started talking more and more about this car. However, it might just turn out that it was not a joke and that this car will actually see the day light. Ford will probably release this car as an updated version of the previous one. It has been almost 20 years since the discontinuation of this car and now they are bringing it back. The 2016 Bronco is supposed to bring an end to Ford Raptor series that will from now on be called Ford Bronco.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R Review, Engine, Colors

2016 Ford-Mustang_Shelby_GT350R release date

We all know how the original Ford Shelby Mustang was a powerful car. Mustang Shelby appeared for the first time 50 years ago, in 1965. It was improved the popular Ford Mustang model which was made by Shelby. Another name for the former variant of the GT 350 was the “Cobras”. These models have achieved great success. Ford Mustang has evolved through five generations. Each generation has had many new features. In 2007, Ford returned to the old name Shelby.

2016 Ford Mondeo Vignale specs, engine, release date

2016-ford-mondeo-vignale specs

It is our great pleasure to inform you that Ford Focus Vignale 2016 will soon appear. As is known, the development of this model lasted a full two and a half years. Of course, sometimes the cars are developed and after 4 years, however, at the present time is much shorter. This model is a little further out and the move of production from the factory in Belgium in a new factory in Spain. Thus, the fourth-generation Mondeo appeared in the USA even 2 years ago, but just now in Europe. During this time, the competition has issued new models as the VW Passat and Skoda Superb.