2017 VW Beetle Dune Review, Design, Release Date

2016-VW-Beetle review

VW Beetle will soon get an interesting version named VW Beetle Dune. As early as 1938, the German car company Volkswagen started production of its Jetta models. This vehicle has two doors and air-cooled engine mounted at the rear, is conceived as a cheap vehicle unbelievably simple design that can carry four passengers and with customers around the world by the time met with great interest, which is best illustrated by the number of over 20.000.000 copies sold.

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Review, Release Date

2016-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-Prado Review

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a medium sized SUV with drive to all four wheels, and the successor of the brilliant model Toyota J70. It was launched on the market by the Japanese automobile company in 1990 and later added the name comes Prado (which in Portuguese means a field or meadow), giving customers know that this model prefers the asphalt and good roads, although the vehicle its appearance resembles four wheels vehicle ready for adventure on dirt roads and uneven.

2017 Lexus SC Design, Engine, Price

2017-Lexus-SC review

As announced from many sources, soon will appear on the market the third generation of Lexus SC. The company Lexus is owned by the Japanese auto giant Toyota, and was founded with the intention of increasingly demanding customers with exclusive and luxury vehicles. Among the many vehicles called Lexus customers in 1991 was presented and offered a model Lexus SC, grand tourer vehicle that can accommodate four people, a brilliant sporty looks with a powerful V8 powertrain.

2017 Subaru Outback Design, Review, Price

MY14 Subaru Outback

According to information through the Internet, soon we will get a new Subaru. The Japanese automotive company Subaru is named after the constellation Pleiades, which is shown in the company logo, and is considered one of the greatest innovators in the automotive industry, and certainly the most famous for the large number of models with drive to all four wheels and the tradition of making these models.

2016 Toyota Hilux SW4 Concept Design, Release Date

2016 Toyota Hilux SW4 Concept price

According to news from the company Toyota, new Toyota SW4 is expected very soon. The company Toyota is a leading car manufacturer in the world and has its own production facilities in almost every continent. For different parts of the world have different names and their models. Such is the case with the Toyota Hilux, which is the production base of the Toyota Fortuner, whose production takes place in factories in Thailand and Indonesia. Model Fortuner is reserved for sale in South East Asia, South America and part of the Middle East.

2017 Acura NSX Type R Specs, Release Date, Price

2017 Acura NSX Type R review

Very interesting news comes from Japan: new Acura NSX will be presented soon. Introduced in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show called the Honda NSX, currently has undermined the great world stage of sports cars and many manufacturers dealt a headache. For the North American market was named Acura NSX (New Sportscar eXperimental) it was the first vehicle from the Japanese automobile company Honda, whose entire body was made of aluminum. Thanks to its low overall weight, powerful V6 power unit made of aluminum, as well as applied VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) technology, this sports car with two seats and rear-wheel drive has developed very fast and had a great performance.

2017 Volvo XC60 Review, Release Date, Price

2017-Volvo-XC60 redesign

Volvo XC60 will soon get its redesigned version. Volvo XC60 was first introduced in 2008, and the world market has come down the assembly line in Ghent, Belgium, where Volvo has its own production. The compact crossover SUV was built on the Volvo P3 platform and its introduction has found a great number of interested buyers, who were found in the vehicle safety and functionality.

2016 Cadillac Escalade Concept Review, Release Date

2016-Cadillac-Escalade review

The US automobile company Cadillac is the first model of a full-size SUV called the Escalade presented in 1999, as a reliable and functional transport vehicle, for a larger number of passengers and carry heavy weights. His appearance on the market, Cadillac Escalade presented strong competitor to other automotive brands, and its strong and proven Vortec powertrain is still installed in this great SUV cars. Since its launch, Cadillac Escalade was unique with its superior eye-catching design and superb quality materials installed in the vehicle, as well as perfect quality of finish.

2017 Nissan Gripz Concept Review, Release Date

2017 Nissan-Gripz-concept review

The all new car coming from Nissan was recently presented at Frankfurt Motor Show. The car in question is known as the Nissan Gripz concept. This car hasn’t been produced before and it is new to the market and we can clearly see that they have put up a lot of hard work in Nissan into developing this car. This car has had several teasers released with glimpses of its design, but we were finally able to see full car at the show. This crossover looks unusual at least, and it is something not yet seen.

2017 Rolls Royce Dawn Review, Release date

2017-Rolls-Royce-Dawn review

There is a new release coming from this great car manufacturer. The car in question is 2017 Rolls Royce Dawn. This is another one in line of luxurious cars that are coming from this company known for their exclusive and luxurious cars. We were able to get more info about this car at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show where this car was officially presented. It will be a convertible that will have exquisite design inside out and that will definitely be loved by many. In the end, we could expect nothing else from this car producer that never stops surprising us with new releases that are always exclusive and top notch on the market.